Budget applications: the best options for tracking your money on the go

largeAuren Burrows, Senior Consumer Writer at Money to the Masses, has tried and tested budget applications. These are linked to your bank accounts, credit cards and investments, and provide information about your balances and transactions. You do not need to enter your passwords and you must confirm every 90 days that you are still satisfied with the application to access your information. Here are her favorites.


Emma analyzes your savings and current accounts as well as credit cards and categorizes your expenses so you can easily see where your money is going each month. It lists your subscriptions, allowing you to see if there are things you pay for and do not use, as well as any bank charges you have charged. A premium account, Emma Pro, has additional features such as personalized categories and extra refunds.

Good for: Beginners and subscription management.

Cost: Emma – without? Emma Pro -, 59.99 per year, with the first seven days free.

Advantages: Very easy to set up and use. Refunds and rewards for expenses with specific retailers such as Body Shop, B&Q, Gousto, Boots and more.

Disadvantages: A bit gamified and the push to sign up for Emma Pro can be annoying.

Money checklist

It offers most of the same features as Emma Pro but at no cost. These include customizable categories for your expenses – for example, you may want to group all Christmas gift payments – and the option to add accounts manually. The Money Control Panel also records your projected monthly expenses with a projected balance at the end of the month. The level of adaptation to the application is ideal for those who have accounts and investments in a number of providers.

Good for: More complicated financially.

Cost: Free.

Advantages: In-depth budget analysis with individual categories based on your individual expenses. A desktop version is also available.

Disadvantages: It takes time to set up and automatic expense categorization could be better.


Yolt lets you organize all your accounts in one place and you can go one step further with its prepaid debit card for everyday expenses. Once you have linked your accounts, Yolt lets you keep track of your expenses, view upcoming transactions, create budgets and set savings targets.

Good for: Expenditure control.

Cost: Free.

Advantages: Encourages you to set spending budgets. Features like spare change collection and scheduled payments mean you can maximize savings.

Disadvantages: Yolt does not allow weekly payments. There is no protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for any money you have in your prepaid account.


Make the logo of the money application store on the phone screen.
Plum uses AI to automatically calculate an affordable amount to save. Photo: Postmodern Studio / Alamy

Plum takes the budget one step further and does the hard work for you as it uses artificial intelligence to automatically calculate an affordable amount of savings based on your spending pattern. Informs you if you could overpay for your regular bills and suggests ways to save money. Plum offers more than one package and its premium options also offer the opportunity to invest your money, as well as earn money back, set savings targets and create storage spaces to separate your money.

Good for: Automatic storage.

Cost: Plum Basic – free. Plum Plus – 1 £ per month. Plum Pro – 2.99 μήνα per month (free 30 day trial with both).

Advantages: Helps you save money with a little effort, also allows you to save on backup and save interest on your savings.

Disadvantages: You have to pay to get some features that other apps offer for free, such as goal setting and refunds. Monthly charge £ 1 if you want to invest your money.


Application-only banks, such as Starling Bank and Monzo, combine the logistics of a current account with the addition of easy-to-use budget functions, such as personalized cost analysis, the ability to split your money into storage bins or spaces, and automatic storage with exchanges. spend.

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