Covid-19 Lockdown Slams UK Business Owners

LONDON – Ed Mason has 91,000 pints of beer at risk in the UK’s third epidemic lockdown, the latest in a series of tough business restrictions that have dampened morale and made it an even easier dream plan.

Mr Mason’s Five Points Brewing Company, an independent brewer based in London, will lose its beer if the current lockdown exceeds the six weeks announced by the government earlier this month. This is the latest in a series of month-long shutdowns and fast-changing restrictions that will continue through most of November and December, following similar business shutdowns in the spring of the region, based on local infection rates. Is different depending on.

The on-and-off measures have also left UK businesses unable to make basic decisions about things like inventory levels, cash flow and employees.

“The nature of the prevention of these sanctions makes it practically impossible to plan for cash flow or strategy,” Mr Mason said. “It simply came to our notice then.

Adding another layer of uncertainty: On December 31, the UK ended its transition period following its secession from the European Union. Some businesses are in the grip of a lockdown that is simultaneously operating through new rules for exporting, importing and hiring workers from the EU.

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