Twitter added users through Trump Ban

Twitter Inc. added users to the holiday quarter and said it continued to add more in January, a month when it used one of its most popular users: former President Donald Trump.

The company said Tuesday that consumer growth this year could be slower than in the early months of the corona virus epidemic. When a lot of people started spending more time online and on social media. On its advertising business.

Twitter said it gained more daily subscribers in January than the average increase over the past four years, but the company declined to give further details. Twitter doesn’t generally provide user development guidance for the current quarter, but it did mention Mr. Trump’s suspension from the platform and the January 6 attack on the U.S. capital by a mob of his supporters. He said he took the concession due to unusual circumstances. .

The company did not discuss the specific effects of Mr. Trump’s absence on the ad, which is its largest source of revenue. But Ned Segel, Twitter’s chief financial officer, said in an interview that the company’s decision was well received by advertisers.

“When we formulate our principles and our policies, and we enforce them transparently and consistently, we feel that advertisers feel worse about advertising sharing on Twitter,” he said.

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