Alec Baldwin, President Trump’s controversial, deceptive farewell speech

Alec Baldwin reprimanded his Emmy-winning “Saturday Night Live” role as President Trump just a week before bidding farewell to real life Commander in Chief bid at the White House.

Actor and comedian Kurt Anderson teamed up to host “Hasta La Vista, USA: Trump’s Farewell Address.” A three-minute teaser of the nearly 45-minute audiobook was released on SoundCloud on Tuesday, with Baldwin emphasizing Trump’s best voice and declaring “this is the most important speech ever.”

After a short audio clip of a crowd of shouting supporters, Trump (Baldwin) begins: “Happy New Year to my fellow Americans.”

“That’s right. For a while you were still free to say ‘Happy New Year’ as if you were having a New Year’s Eve party and were free to hug and sing and kiss without masks. A New Year’s Eve celebration at Trump’s Marla Lago resort that does not require a face mask or social distance between the alleged corona virus epidemics.

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Baldwin’s Trump is heard talking to someone else in the background before correcting himself.

Amazing Trump makes it clear that “OK. Got it. Or wearing a mask.” “Your choice, especially if you’re not as immune as me and the first family.”

On the Easter holiday, Baldwin continues the monopoly with Trump’s announcement that “this America will be very small again.”

“Soon in March or April or whenever, try going to a restaurant or store if they can’t close already and say, ‘Happy Easter!’ They will yell at you, kick you out, even if you’re wearing a mask! ”

“Trump” is as arrogant about not being able to lie as George Washington is.

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Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in the cold on Saturday, February 1, 2020 in ‘Impeachment Idea’. (What Health / NBC)

“Although I could really lie if I wanted to but I don’t and that’s why they hate me – phony, radicals, liberals, elites, fake media, anti-foss – because I tell so much truth. Am ”

He then compares himself to Washington, explaining his expected departure from Washington DC

“No thanks, goodbye!” Baldwin, as Trump, added. “Going home after so much struggle for freedom.”

The president of Baldwin is mocking Trump’s claim that the election was rigged.

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“Washington invented what I’m doing now. A lot of historians have said goodbye to it.” There was no rule against it. No rigging, “SNL” continues like a ridiculous Trump.

As “We Love Trump” resonates in the background, the audio then calls “Trump” a “squad” – Democrats Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elhan Omar, Ayana Presley, Corey Booker and Rashida Talib, And Kamala Harris.

“As far as the White House goes because they never say goodbye. I mean, you know, after the Communists took over completely – look at this squad in Congress – I call it the Death Squad, like the joking Trump.” They say they come from bad places. ”

He warned that it would only be a matter of time before “thousands of their thugs and bad hombres will show up in your suburbs and towns that have been blown up in Detroit and Chicago, as well as Portland and Seattle’s Antifas.” Can mix like your own kids (so secretly)!) ”

“Then you will say, ‘Sir, we want you back. We need you now.’ Well, don’t say that President Trump didn’t warn you, “the teaser concludes.

In October, 62, Baldwin reprimanded the parody for the “Sunday Night Live” sketch in which he publicly revealed that he and first lady Melania Trump had a positive experience for COVID-19. ۔ Baldwin also included fellow celebrity Kerry, who played Joe Biden.

Pushkin Industries’ “Hasta La Vista, USA: Trump’s Farewell Address” project will be fully released on Wednesday for the purchase of 99.99. This Anderson and Baldwin’s 2017 book “You Can Spell America Without Me: As President Donald J. Trump (a so-called parody) really serves as a sequel to the Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year.

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