Anne Hathaway no longer wants to be referred by her first name: ‘Call me anything but Anne’.

Anne Hathaway no longer wants to be referred to by a name everyone knows.

The “Ocean 8” actress said the same thing on Tuesday evening’s episode of “Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”, where she told the comedian that she would not listen to “N” from anyone other than her mother. China becomes.

The Oscar-winning actress told the host last night, “The only person who calls me Ann is my mom, and she only does it when she’s really crazy about me.” So whenever I go out in public and Someone calls my name, I think they are screaming at me. People are like, ‘Ann!’ And I’m like ‘? What did I do?’

Although Hethua’s first name was actually Ann, “Devil Wears Prada” said that when he worked on some film projects, other coasters and similar desires followed his wishes and gave him his birth name. Avoided shouting.

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“People are so cute, they don’t want to be selfless, and that’s why I think they come to work with the set because the truth is I don’t like to tell anyone Anna. It doesn’t fit. I’m a That’s it, “Hathaway said. “People call me ‘Miss H’, people call me ‘Hand’, so feel free to call me anything but Ann.”

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“They asked me, ‘What do you want your name for?'” The “Princess Diary” star remembered. “And I was like, ‘Well, that should be my name. My name is Anne Hathaway.’ So it seemed like the right choice, but it never occurred to me that all my life, people called me Ann.

Anne Hathaway said she no longer wanted to be called Anne Hathaway. (Photo by David Crowe / Patrick McMillan via Getty Images)

Anne Hathaway said she no longer wanted to be called Anne Hathaway

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