Betty White is 99 years old, revealing the wishes of a birthday after a long career and the thoughts of many of her fans.

Legendary actress Betty White is celebrating her 99th birthday on Sunday and she wants to let many of her fans come to the celebration.

Jeff Witjas, a longtime friend and agent of the five-time Emmy winner, told Fox News that although she is celebrating her last birthday in double digits, she is playing it safe because of the corona virus epidemic.

“Betty had planned to run some miles for her birthday but COVID has canceled it so she will be safe at home doing various activities.”

She added that she “loves her fans” and never takes anything from them. When it came time to blow out the white candles, his representative explained that his wish was simple.

Actress Betty White turned 99 on January 17. (AP Photo / Mate Sales, File)

“They’re just as healthy today as they were for at least another year,” Witjas told Fox News.

In front of the Associated Press, when the woman asked her thoughts from the big day, she was joking.

“Since I’m turning 99, I can stand for a long time without asking permission!” He told the shop in an email.

White’s less important plans include feeding a pair of ducks that go home permanently to his Los Angeles area. Witjas will have his birthday meal with a hot dog and a French fry-bouquet of roses.

The actor’s TV credits range from 1949’s “Hollywood on Television” to 2019’s “The Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “The Golden Girls.”

Just in January, White is back on screen, including “The Golden Girls” and “Hot in Cleveland.” The 2009 Sandra Bullock movie “The Proposal” and the 2018 documentary “Betty White: First Lady of Television” about her life and career.

White’s devotion to animals will be on display next month with a DVD and digital release of the 1970s series “Betty White’s Pet Set,” in which he visited celebrities and their pets, as well as wild animals.

Betty White’s career in show business includes five Emmy Awards. (Getty Images)

Her work, always marked by top-notch comic timing, has earned him five awards, including a 2010 trophy for hosting a guest on “Sunday Night Live.”

White, from Oak Park, Illinois, was married to game show host and producer Allen Ludden from 1963 until his death in 1981.

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