Bill Mehr, Andrew Sullivan panned the newsrooms to wake up the crowd: ‘They don’t have the guts to say no’

It was set on fire by “Real Time” host Bill Mehr and “The Weekly Dish” substitute writer Andrew Sullivan, whom he saw as incapable of standing up to the “awake” crowd of newsroom editors.

“You were in New York Magazine, but you left them because the newsrooms are now a place where you were fired by the editor or the owner,” Mehr began. “Now you’ve been fired for ‘waking up’ in the newsroom, right? You have to have a real opinion or they don’t want you in the building.”

Sullivan replied, “It’s a complicated thing because I was actually fired. I was given four days’ notice. I was nominated for a one-year Pulitzer Prize.” Not for, but because I was not going with their awakened agenda.

“They knew it.… Point! I wanted to argue, I wanted to argue.… What was the problem? After that, we got together, we had a good drink, we’re really cool about it!”

“And it’s not like you’re too conservative!” Mehr laughed.

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Sullivan, a former New York Magazine columnist and author of “Out on a Lamb,” explained how newsroom editors are “responding to social media” and how Twitter creates these online crowds. To put pressure on “OK with the author. ”

“The real problem with this is not so much the vigilant and online media – because they’re terrible and should be ignored but they aren’t – it’s the people who run these institutions,” Sullivan told Mehr. “Liberal institutions, universities, magazines, newspapers, they have no room to say no! ‘Free speech makes no sense!’

“Liberal institutions have no room to say no! Free speech makes no sense!”

– Andrew Sullivan.

The author then urges universities to aim at students to be recognized “not as individuals but as members of a race and gender” and how various news organizations recruited young people “directly from these colleges”. To try to save money. Such as “appropriate action,” “finding out if something is true before condemning someone” and “focusing on a person’s entire work instead of just one thing are going to blame you forever.”

“And that’s why I wrote this book. I wanted to say, ‘Look, you’re making me look like a crazy donkey right. Look at my work! Look at it! It’s so much more complicated than that and you Many things can be agreed upon, ”said Sullivan.

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“They agreed,” Mehr responded. “I know you have written a lot about how we are abandoning the idea of ​​a colorful society, which was the goal. The goal.”

“That’s the goal, that should be the goal,” Sullivan agreed. Our humanity is more important than the part of humanity we are from. ”

If America is in a constant war between groups or genders, America will not survive.

– Andrew Sullivan.

"Real time" Host Bill Mehr, left, and guest Andrew Sullivan agreed on Friday. "Wake up" The impact of the mob on the nation's newsrooms (HBO / Getty Images)

Real-time host Bill Mehr, left, and guest Andrew Sullivan agreed on Friday on the influence of the “wake” crowd on the nation’s newsrooms. (HBO / Getty Images)

Sullivan argued that while we must fully acknowledge that this country has a racist history to face directly, the solution is not to describe racial oppression as “America’s only meaning.” Nor is “1619” the actual founding year of the nation instead of 1776.

“We’re talking about a lot more. We’re talking about religious freedom, we’re talking about freedom of expression, we’re talking about empowering minorities,” Sullivan said.

Mehr replied, “And things have changed a lot since 1619. And 1919.”

“You go anywhere in the world; do you think the Chinese are less racist than we are? Do you think the Russians are? It’s a miracle what we do in this country!” Sullivan said in shock.

“Do you think the Chinese are less racist than we are? Do you think the Russians are? That’s a miracle we do in this country!”

– Andrew Sullivan.

Sullivan dropped out of New York Magazine in 2020 and “no longer wants to be associated with me,” after the magazine and its parent company, Vox Media, reported a “significant staff and management ratio.”

“They believe, and it is increasingly conservative in the mainstream media, that no writer actively engages in critical ideology on questions of race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, actively physical. The same virtual space, “Sullivan wrote last year. “In fact, attacking the ideas and methods of critical ideology, and making fun of them, as I have constantly done in this place, is not in line with the values ​​of Vox Media. That is why I understand Get out of here. ”
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