Rebel Wilson living it up at Super Bowl 2021 alongside ‘Pitch Perfect’ co-star

Looks like she’s breaking up the “super” post.

Rebel Wilson hit Tampa with his friend at the Super Bowl and broke the news that he and his boyfriend Jacob Bush had broken up.

After apparently traveling to Florida by private jet, the actress posted a photo from the game with her “Pitch Perfect” co-star Adam Devine.

“My favorite work husband, Adam Devine,” said the title of the photo, perhaps a shadow of his recent past.

Wilson, 40, also posted several photos from a private jet on Saturday with the caption, “Super Bowl Sumer Party!”

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And on Sunday, she shared a photo showing her enjoying a celebratory cigar.

Rebel Wilson was living his life in the 2021 Super Bowl.

Rebel Wilson was living his life in the 2021 Super Bowl.

“Good morning Tampa! (PS I have zero idea how to smoke cigars”), he wrote.

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She then posted another photo with the red-clad cheerleaders.

Last week, page six confirmed that the pair had left. Wilson also said on social media that she would be alone for the Super Bowl.

The star, who recently lost more than 60 pounds, and 29-year-old Bush accidentally started dating before the corona virus epidemic.

She debuted on the red carpet at Monaco’s Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala in September 2020 and posed with Kate Beckinsale and Helen Mirren.

Sources close to Wilson told us that their relationship “has just gone its own way.”

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