How to get rid of corona virus (literally)

Since it is not always practical to keep the windows open, especially in the depths of winter, Dr. Mathai and his colleagues also demonstrated a number of other options. They found that the most obvious solution – while the driver and the passenger each drop their windows – was better than keeping all the windows closed, an even better strategy was to open the windows that Everyone is against the competition. This arrangement allows fresh fresh to go in and out of the rear window and helps to create a barrier between the driver and the passenger.

“It’s like a curtain of air,” said Dr. Mathai. “It blows all the air released by passengers, creating a strong air zone between the driver and the passenger.”

Richard Corsi, an air quality expert at Portland State University Appreciated the new research. “It’s very sophisticated, they did,” he said, although he warned that a change in the number of passengers in the car or the speed of driving could affect the results.

Dr. Corsi, co-author of Your Ed with Dr. Allen last year, has since developed his own model of coronavirus aerosol breathing in a variety of situations. The results, which have not yet been published, suggest that a 20-minute car ride with a person can be more dangerous than sharing more than an hour with that person in a classroom or restaurant.

“The focus has been on the supernatural,” he said, “because there are so many people involved.” “But I think sometimes people miss the fact that spread-spreader events are started by someone who comes into the event. And we often don’t talk about where that person got the infection. It happened. “

In a subsequent study, which has not yet been published, Dr. Mathai found that opening the windows halfway has the same benefits as opening them completely, while only one of them is open. Crushing a quarter was no less effective.

Dr Mathai said the general results would include not only Prius, but also several four-door, five-seater cars. “For menus and pickups, I would still say that it would be beneficial to open all windows or at least two windows,” he said. “Beyond that, I’ll quote a lot.”

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