Komo outlined a plan to revive the arts and culture industries

Announcing that New York urgently needs to revive its arts and entertainment industry if it is to recover from the Corona virus epidemic, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday that the state is working to bring back some cultural events. Will launch a series of interim measures to help. In the short term, re-employ more unemployed artists.

“We must revive the arts and culture,” Mr. Cuomo said as he continued his week-long series of policy speeches outlining his agenda for the state.

The governor said bringing back art and culture is essential – not just to help artists who have faced the nation’s worst unemployment, but to keep New York City an important, vibrant center where people live And would like to work.

“The city, by definition, is a hub for energy, entertainment, theater and food,” Mr. Cuomo said. He said the city was plagued by long-term work, crime and homelessness. “Without this activity and attraction, cities lose much of their appeal. What is a city without social, cultural and creative harmony? New York City is not New York without Broadway.

Mr. Cuomo said the state would launch a private partnership to offer a series of statewide pop-up concerts featuring artists such as Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Renee Fleming and Hugh Jackman. Find a pilot program to find out how socially remote performance can be held safely in flexible locations with no fixed seating. And work in partnership with the Mellon Foundation to distribute work grants to more than a thousand artists and to fund community arts groups.

The governor said the state could not wait until the summer, when more and more people were vaccinated, to perform.

The public-private partnership, the New York Arts Revival, which will offer pop-up performances for more than 150 artists from February 4, will feature producers Scott Rodden and Jane Rosenthal, as well as the New York State Council of the Arts. ۔ . The project will culminate in the opening of Little Island, with a park-like pier being built in the middle of the Barry Dollar on the Hudson River, and with the Tribeca Film Festival, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in June.

Covid19 Vaccines

Mr. Cuomo said he hoped to expand the scope of rapid testing, including pop-up sites, so that people in areas with low rates of the virus could be tested before going to restaurants or theaters. He pointed to the state’s experience in the buffalo bill game last Saturday, when the state tested about 7,000 fans.

Problems with rapid testing. Although fast test machines are portable, and can provide fast results, many people are not considered as reliable as other tests in people without symptoms. The White House relied on rapid testing to protect President Trump and his inner circle when he required all White House visitors to take the test, although he did not intend to use it.

At least 196 new corona virus deaths and 14,179 new cases were reported in New York on Monday, and the rate of positive tests continues to rise.

Speaking to art professionals at a virtual conference on Saturday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading pathologist in the United States, said he believed that if the vaccination program was successful, the theater would be able to open this fall with relatively few restrictions. Can reopen, although he advised the audience. You will still need to wear a mask for a while.

“When we get to the middle of the fall, you guys can feel comfortable performing on stage as well as in the audience,” said Dr. Fauci.

But vaccine distribution in the United States is behind schedule, and public health officials have struggled to vaccinate hospital workers and at-risk older Americans.

Mr. Cuomo said New York could not wait for enough people to be vaccinated against the herd before taking steps to restore its arts.

“We are seeing months of closure,” he said. We need to work now. We do not allow pain, hardship and inequality to grow around us.

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