What does a more contagious virus mean for schools ?

Dr Jenkins said: “When we look at what has happened in the UK and we think about this new form, and we see an increase in the number of cases, we need to remember this in a school context. Probably nothing has changed. ” Said. “I would like to see a real life of the kind of country or state or location that has taken control of things in schools.”

Erin Bromage, an immunologist at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, advised the governor of Rhode Island, as well as schools in southern Massachusetts, on the precautions to be taken against the corona virus. Dr Brujim said schools that have strictly adhered to the guidelines did not show many infections, even when the virus was spreading at a high level in society.

“When the system is properly designed and we are enrolling children in school, they will be much safer than hybrid or remote systems, if not more secure,” he said.

The school Dr. Bromage’s took extra precautions. For example, the organizers closed the school a few days before Thanksgiving to reduce the risk at family gatherings, and worked remotely the week after the holiday.

Officials tested about 300 students and staff this weekend, only two cases were found, and it was decided to reopen them.

“It gives us confidence that our population does not represent what most of the community sees,” he said. “We were using the data to determine the return together.”

These tests cost 61 61 per child, but schools that can’t afford it may consider testing only teachers, as the data show that the virus “transmits from teacher to teacher.” It is more likely to happen to students than to teachers. “

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