After winning the NFC title, Tom Brady: Who would have thought a home Bowl for us?

Tom Brady will present his 10th Super Bowl when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in 2 weeks.

Despite three interceptions by Brady, Tampa Bay defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-26 to win the NFC Championship. This is the title of the first conference in Tampa Bay since the 2002 season.

The 43-year-old quarterback finished with 20 for 36 touchdown passes and a handful of picks.

During the NFC Championship Trophy ceremony, Brady told Fox’s Tom Reynolds what it meant for the team, especially after changing teams in the office season.

“You know it has been a long process for the whole team and today was just a huge effort for the team,” he said. “We played a little bit but the defense grew a lot and we’ll need it again in a week or two. I know it’s going to be a big game. We’re going to have to enjoy it a little bit and then Will be ready. We have to go against whatever we play. It will be a great game.

Reynolds noted that it took Tampa Bay three games to win the game. Brady talked about how well the Packers played at Lambeau Field and how much they touched the fans.

“It’s a great football team. They’ve played well all season,” he said of the Packers. To beat them at home, there were 9,000 fans, but that’s a little over 9,000. Felt more But it’s great to win another road and now we’ve got a home game. Who would have thought the home Super Bowl for us but we did. ”

Brady and the Buccaneers will be the first to play in a Super Bowl at their home stadium.

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