Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes says’ people are crazy ‘if Eric Bieniemy doesn’t take over as head coach

For the second straight season, Kansas City Chief of Aggressive Coordinator Eric Benimi is a top candidate among the top coaches available in the market.

But after recent reports surfaced that Benny could go on to another office without getting any coaching job, Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to say something about it.

“I think [he will be hired]”Mahomes said Monday during an exhibition at 610 Kansas City’s The Drive.” Their track record speaks for itself. What kind of man he is, the way he can control and be the leader of the locker room, and the way he coaches and schemes he brings to us. If he doesn’t, people go crazy. ”

So far, Benimi has reportedly interviewed the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers, and Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Chiefs make a deep playoff run for the second straight season, there is a possibility that no team can wait until they believe it is their first choice.

Houston Texan, who was looking for another team’s head coach, initially failed to request an interview to bring Benjamin. When news broke that franchise quarterback Dishon Watson was angry with the franchise’s direction.

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On Tuesday, Texas formally applied to interview Baini, but They will have to wait. Based on the anti-tampering policy, the preliminary interview window for Benny Amy closed on Sunday, so Texans are not allowed to be interviewed until the Chiefs lose or the Super Bowl, whichever comes first, is interviewed. ۔

“I’ve known Deshaun for a while now and we’ve only talked about Coach Beanie,” Mahomes said. “Wasn’t I trying to get him a job or something, I just told him Who is coach Bieniemy and what kind of coach is he, what kind of man is he and I think he handles himself.

“When he gets a job in the next few weeks, whatever happens in the months, he takes the kind of man he is to where he has to live and he puts him in the best position at the end of the day. Mahomes added.

Pro Football Talk reported that Benny had privately stated that he could withhold any job opportunities until a better opportunity arose, which meant he could return to Kansas City next year. Is.

“For us, obviously, we want to keep it here,” Mahoms said. “But we know he deserves the right to vote and to lead his own team.”

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