Duke is out of the AP Top 25. Dumb, the baylor are 1-2

In the Associated Press men’s basketball pool on Monday, Gonzaga and Baylor retained their grip on two places.

If third-seeded Villanova ever plays, he will probably face them.

The Bulldogs turned it all around, but the two first-place votes went to the Bears, while the Wild Cats remained firmly in the top 2 despite not playing since December 23. They broke COVID-19 intervals. With one day, including coach Jay Wright, he effectively turns them around for a month.

“Everyone has dealt with it,” Wright said, with his team finally returning to court Tuesday night against Seton Hall. “It’s not just your days out. They’re leaving the boys after a break.”

The same teams made it into the top 5 this week, with Iowa and Texas relocating. Luka Garza and the Hawkeyes moved up to fourth place after adding 23 points to Northwestern on Sunday after a six-game winning streak by No. 12 Texas Tech after a small defeat early Saturday.

“Obviously Wednesday’s loss was devastating and, indeed, really disappointing for our team and staff,” said Texas coach Shaka Smart, whose flag was on the road on Saturday to beat Kansas State. Found “We knew we had to turn the page. The boys were really mature in their perspective on Thursday and their film sessions on Friday.”

Texas will not play again until Saturday after the game against Iowa was postponed.

Tennessee went on holiday from 10th, followed by Michigan, who finished seventh after losing their first game of the season to No. 17 Minnesota. Houston jumped three places to eighth, Kansas dropped three places to ninth, and Wisconsin made it to the top 10 after a crushing victory over the Wolverines at Rutgers.

Creighton was 11th, followed by the Red Riders and Virginia, who moved up five places after winning at No. 20 Clemson. This was followed by West Virginia and Ohio State, with Virginia Tech finishing 16th out of four places in the win over Duke, knocking the Blue Devils out of the top 25 for the first time since February 8, 2016.

The Golden Gophers were followed by surveys of Auburn, a new polar, Missouri and Clemson this week. The last five included Oregon, Illinois, Connecticut, UCLA and St. Louis.

Duke went 5-3 overall in the ACC and 3-1 in the ACC after losing to the Hawkeyes last week. In the top 25, for 91 consecutive weeks, he was second only to Kansas, extending his record to 229 weeks. Gonzaga is now No. 2 in 87 weeks.

“We’re still looking for our team,” said coach Mike Krzyzewski, who is close to an 18-point deficit against Virginia Tech. “We didn’t play in an ACC game like that. … You can’t get better without experience.”

Rolling tide

For the seventh time in a row, Crimson Tide shot 18th at random after a 6-0 lead in the SEC. In this regard, which includes a victory over Tennessee, with a recharged John Petty Jr., the senior guard returned an average of 15.7 points from a game suspension over the past six games, including Kentucky’s 20-point beating. I had 23 points. .

“You’re a favorite of the boys who decide to return to their senior year to do great work,” said Alabama Nate Oats. Breaks school record by 3 seconds – hopefully, he can play his part as a first round draft pick and his senior year is great and he imagined where he would take the program ۔ ”

Inside and out

The Broncos were the second newcomers in this week’s election after winning 11-2, 7-0 in PAC 12 with successive victories over Washington State and Washington. Alabama and UCLA replaced Duke and Louis Will, who were the first teams to receive votes after losing the Cardinals’ first ACC game in Miami.

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