Legendary broadcaster says Drew Breeze had ‘one of the greatest stories’ in NFL history

Drew Brees may have played his last game for the New Orleans Saints.

If the Saints beat Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 to 30 in the divisional round of the NFC Playoffs, the last time the Bruce leaned on the cleats, they would be 80,358 and second all-time yard passing. He will retire as a leader. Touchdowns that coincide with 571.

Breeze, who signed a contract with NBC before the start of the 2020 NFL season, may soon join Al Michaels at the broadcasting booth and has played the role of color commentator covering the league he has played in 20 seasons. Can pay

Michaels appeared on “The Rich Eyes Show” on Monday morning, summarizing the career of one of the biggest quarterbacks in NFL history.

“With Breeze, you look not only at the numbers, but also at the quality of the individual,” Michaels told Eisen. “It’s the biggest story I’ve ever seen in the National Football League.”

Drew Breeze on the field after the playoff game, Tom Brady share potential final moment

Michaels talked to the San Diego Chargers about Burs in his time, and how difficult it was to overcome an under-influenced quarterback. He also toured Breeze’s free agency tour with the Miami Dolphins – a team reluctant to sign Breeze due to a shoulder injury. Instead, Saints and head coach Sean Patton took a chance on Breeze, and the rest is history.

“You have Katrina on top of that and this city is messed up,” Michaels said. “It seemed like at some point the league would have to move the franchise from there, and they don’t. They spend the whole year playing in San Antonio and Baton Rouge when the city is rebuilt.”

Michaels added: “It’s amazing when you look at the body of his career, his work. Obviously, he goes to the Hall of Fame for the first ballot unanimously.”

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