Six countries are at risk after France lifted a ban on rugby travel over the virus

Discussions on the six countries will take place next week after rugby clubs recommended postponing the next European Cup match with domestic British teams due to various changes to the Coveted 19 in the UK on Saturday.

The decision casts doubt on the last two rounds of pool matches starting next weekend.

The annual international tournament, which includes France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy, will be discussed on February 6 at a meeting initiated by the French Ministry of Sports.

“This new form of SARS-CoV-2 has increased transmissibility compared to those circulating in France, which in turn increases the risk of contamination,” said a statement by AFP.

“That’s why all travel or vacation to the UK is strongly recommended.

He added: “On a short-term basis, the French government is leaning towards measures that prevent or even prevent French clubs from participating in games against teams from the UK.”

Last week, the European Professional Club of Rugby (EPCR) and domestic competition organizers agreed to develop a protocol for continental tournaments, which the top 14 organizations thought was too light.

Earlier in the season, six fixtures in the Champions and Challenge Cup have already been canceled due to corona virus cases.

After playing against the English side in December, Bayonne  and Pau added a variety of new issues to their setup.

The Basque side had threatened to withdraw from the second tier challenge cup due to pollution.

President Toulouse Didier Lacroix, the four-time European Cup winner, said he hoped the tournament would end by the end of the year.

“There is plenty of time for this competition,” he told AFP.

“I think it’s a competition that is far from over, it’s going to be more difficult with the knockout stage in which things will be a little tougher,” he added.

Premier League doubt

The decision could have an impact on football with seven sides of England and a Scottish club joining the continental knockout games in February.

However, none of these games are against the French opposition.

Additionally, there are growing concerns about whether the Premier League season could be completed on time due to the new format. Newcastle owner Steve Bruce and Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa claim there is a moral justification for suspending all matches.

Numerous recent studies – which are yet to be reviewed – have concluded that the British type of the disease is more diffuse than other strains.

Since last week, much of the UK has been locked in efforts to reduce rising infection rates and deaths.

A total of 1,325 new deaths were recorded within 28 days of the positive test on Friday, the highest since the peak of the first wave in April last year.

The total number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK at 83 GMT GMT on Saturday was 833. Which is the deadliest in Europe.

On Thursday, the French Ministry of Health reported that two clusters of British variables had been detected, affecting a total of 19 people, in the western French region of Brittany, and in the Bagneux area on the outskirts of Paris. Has been found.

Authorities found no evidence of any contact between any of the victims at Bagneux and anyone traveling from the UK, whose ministry said the mutation virus was already spreading in France.

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