The Australian Open will continue despite the Covid quarantine

MELBOURNE: Australian Open tournament director Craig Tilly has confirmed that the first Grand Slam of the year will go ahead on February 8, despite outrage in Melbourne’s tough quartet of players due to the positive aspects of Covid 19 regarding their charter flights. Will grow

The last two players and their entourage had to be isolated in their hotel rooms in Melbourne for two weeks after receiving reports of infection on three flights to Melbourne.

The third flight revealed a positive case late Sunday, which had landed a day earlier and carried 58 passengers from Doha to where the Grand Slam qualifiers were.

Twenty-five players were on board, but the passenger, who had a negative experience before the flight, is not a player.

“The 25 players on the flight will not be able to leave their hotel room for 14 days and until they are medically clean. They will not be eligible for practice, “the Australian Open said in a statement.

Other planes that arrived in different planes are also being quarantined for 14 days, but they are allowed to leave their hotels for five hours a day for training, raising questions about the integrity of the Grand Slam.

Tally said the tournament would start as scheduled but that the governing body, Tennis Australia, would consider rescheduling the lead-up tournament to help the affected players.

“We are reviewing the schedule to see what we can do to help these players,” Tally told the Nine Network on Sunday. “The Australian Open is moving forward and we will continue to do our best to ensure that these best players get the best chance.”

Earlier, quarantine officials said they had recorded the fourth CoVid 19 infection among passengers on two charter flights carrying players to Melbourne.

A broadcaster flying from Los Angeles had a positive experience, including a member of the AirCrow and a tennis coach on the same plane, which was announced on Saturday.

The other case was that of Sylvain Brunau, who coached Canada’s Bianca Andreso, the 2019 US Open champion. Brunei was a passenger on a charter flight with 23 Abu Dhabi passengers.

Organizers dispelled rumors of a positive game on one of the two flights to Adelaide, which features the game’s biggest names.

After touching most of the players in Melbourne, superstars including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Naomi Asaka flew to the South African city.

Some players have expressed anger at the rating of close contacts who were only on board flights with people who later had a positive experience and, therefore, forced a tough quarantine tan compared to a wider group of players Who will be allowed to leave their room for practice. Up to five hours a day

Romania’s Sorana Cerestia, Switzerland’s Belanda Bank and Kazakhstan’s Yulia Putantesova have complained in social media posts that it appears that what they saw before their trip to Australia and what they planted in Melbourne The rules have changed between them.

On Quaid-19, Quarantine Victoria boss Emma Kaser said authorities had given “permanent advice”.

“The rules of close contact have not changed,” he told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday. “The program is designed to keep people safe.”

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