The head of the IOC says the Tokyo Olympics will go ahead, no plans

TOKYO: International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief Thomas Beck said in an interview on Thursday that the delayed Tokyo Olympics would go ahead this summer, and that “there are no plans.”

“We have no reason at this time to believe that the Olympic Games will not be held in Tokyo on July 23,” Bach told Kyodo News.

“That’s why there are no plans here and that’s why we’re fully committed to making these games safe and successful.” With more than six months to go before the Games are postponed, doubts have been raised about whether epidemics could spread around the world even after the outbreak.

Organizers in Tokyo have developed a huge safety net that they say will allow sports to thrive, even if epidemics are out of control and vaccinated without.

But public support is low in Japan, with 80 percent of respondents in favor of further delays or direct cancellations in a recent poll.

Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Moto told AFP this week that the organizers were “unwavering” in their commitment to hosting the games this summer and that the cancellation had not been discussed.

But he acknowledged that he could not guarantee that the stands would be completed, or that he would rule out sports without spectators.

Foreign fans will be eligible to participate this spring, and a decision on how many spectators will be possible, these games are being played on July 23, the nationwide torch relay is set to begin at the end of March.

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