Where does 6-year-old PSL really stand?

Talking to your athletes, your sports and your leagues is the hallmark of sports media.

It is hyperbole to see the American media calling the winners of the Super Bowl “World Champions” even though the National Football League (NFL) is a local event. Not only is it not open to international teams but it is hardly considered worldwide.

Nothing against American football, it must be a cracking game even if it is not our cup of tea, but his suggestion was that the TV media is suffering from these scandals everywhere.

The English press is often accused of exaggerating their local potential just because it is their capacity. You will find many examples of cricket east of our borders.

And, as far as I am concerned, when it comes to Pakistan Super League (PSL) matters, our beloved nation must have taken up the disturbing claim instead of the hyperbole.

Maybe, this is the reality of cricket as a national sport or it is the PS in the PSL that wants us to be in the discussion of statues.

TV reporters are often seen changing microphones on the faces of foreign players, demanding that they be compared to the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League.

Making guests a duty in another country, foreign cricketers compare PSL with its major rivals. But one could argue that such exercises completely miss the point.

The real reason for celebrating PSL is not its size, the direction it attracts the stars or even the money it generates. The real source of pride for PSL fans should be the permanent existence of the tournament, which enters its sixth year in two days.

In a country where – until a long time ago – no civilian government could last five years, a cricket league lasted six years.

The tournament has been consistently stable since 2015, with little to no finances and even removing obstacles such as the corona virus epidemic.

In just five short years, it has rapidly become the country’s largest sports brand, surviving a change of government, a financial war and an epidemic to become the crown jewel in the sports calendar of Pakistani cricket fans. Is.

Now every new year starts with the hope of PSL. Franchisees are now well-established brands with their specific ethics and style of play.

If Quetta Gladiators are running consistently, then Karachi Kings are great. If Lahore Qalandar is a favorite of neutrals, then Peshawar Zalmi is a cool cat. If Islamabad United is the silent killer, then Multan Sultans are the newest children in the block.

PSL and its components have already formed their own separate personalities which are not easy to find in franchised leagues.

In a country of extreme polar danger – where a visiting team was attacked, leaving no foreign players in Pakistan. For an event like PSL, its presence and growth every year is a remarkable achievement.

The league represents the story of the country’s perseverance and struggle in the face of adversity […] And traffic jams. So what if Ben Stokes doesn’t play PSL yet or the league doesn’t pay IPL level salaries yet? Can wait for this day.

So far, pride is in the rocky region where we have traveled to this age.

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