Apple Maps is getting Google and Waze-like accident reporting

Apple is bringing crash, threat, and speed check reporting to Apple Maps. The feature is currently only available to users with the iOS 14.5 beta, and is similar to the user reporting features found in Vaz and Google Maps.

When you’re using this feature, you (or preferably a passenger) click a new report button in the bottom tray, and choose what kind of incident or threat you’re reporting. You can do this using Siri: I could also say: “Here’s a fast trap” or “There’s something on the road.” MacRumors Indicates that the interface is also available on the CarPlay version of Maps.




Apple Maps will provide you with a confirmation that your report has been submitted.
Screenshot: way to


This user-centric reporting feature is now something that develops all major map apps. Although this feature was popular with WAZE, it has been available in Google Maps since April of 2019, so Apple is playing catch-up here (as well as adding user-created images and reviews to these maps Trying). Although it’s worth noting that Apple’s version has as few options as it does today – Google’s, as shown below, is more in-depth.




Google’s report interface has more options for threat / event types.

It’s weird to point out Apple’s version, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the feature is in beta. You may have noticed in the screenshot of Google Maps that you can see the icons of Apple and Google spreading accidents and speed. Very Similarly for Apple’s competition again here are:




These are Apple icons. See similarities?

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