Authorities have cracked down on the Dark Web’s largest illegal marketplace

The world’s largest dark web market, Dark Market, has reportedly been taken offline by an international operation linked to Europol, according to officials (Gizmodo). Law enforcement in Germany arrested an Australian man who was believed to be the operator of an illegal site, and confiscated 20 servers hosting it, ending it, which became a hub for illegal activity. Was

According to Europol, the Dark Market hosted 500,000 subscribers and facilitated more than 320,000 transactions before it closed. The Dark Web Marketplace traded everything from drugs and counterfeit money to stolen credit card details and malware. According to Europol’s estimates, the site traded in a mixture of bitcoin and monero, worth 140 million today. European officials say they will use dark market servers seized from Ukraine and Moldova to investigate buyers and sellers who used the site for criminal transactions.

Darkmarkt exposed as part of a larger investigation into web hosting company Cyber ​​Bunker Guardian Reports Cyber ​​Bunker (actually NATO located in a former NATO bunker) has in the past kept servers for both Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks, and if this dark market case is an example, investigate other future illegal sites This seems to be an important point for Ben.

Over the last several years, the grip has grown stronger like a siege around dark Internet sites such as the Darkmarket. Another dark web market, the Wall Street Market, was similarly dismantled during a European investigation in 2020, and other sites, such as the Empire Market, disappeared altogether, whether for fear of legal action or for operators to reduce their losses. And receiving money. Any useful sites like Alphabet or Silk Road, which existed years ago, have disappeared because government agencies have become more aggressive in hunting down these markets and have the ability to understand how they work.

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