In the first test, the Facebook board subordinates the company in most matters

WASHINGTON: In its first case, Facebook’s oversight board ruled Thursday that the social media company had ruled it wrong to remove four of the five pieces of the board’s review, including Facebook’s hate speech and Effective Covid was banned from violating misinformation laws.

The decisions will be examined first to see how the board looks independent of the world’s largest social media platform and how it can rule in the future, especially before deciding whether the former Facebook had the right to suspend US President Donald Trump.

The company cut off access to Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts amid fears of more violent unrest following a January 6 storm in the capital by supporters of the former president. The board said the Trump case would be opened for public comment Friday and has not yet provided a statement to the board.

Facebook has said it will abide by the board’s decisions. The group, which was formed in response to such criticism by Facebook in which it has dealt with the content of the content, has asked the company about the principles it has allowed on its platforms. I want to be clear.

Here is a list of commands

A post by a user in Myanmar with pictures of a dead child discusses Muslims’ reactions to the killings in France and China’s perceived contradiction in its treatment of Uighur Muslims in China. Comments are included.

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, was quoted as saying that Facebook had removed him for violating its policy on “dangerous individuals and organizations.” *

A group post claiming some drugs could cure COVID-19 has criticized the French government’s response to the epidemic. The case was filed by Facebook instead of the user. *

Instagram photos show female nipples, a user in Brazil said, aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer. Facebook also said the removal was a mistake and the post was restored.


A post intended to show historical images of churches in Baku, Azerbaijan, is the title of what Facebook says is a sign of “disdain” for the people of Azerbaijan and support for Armenia.

Facebook now has seven days to restore the pieces of content that the board ordered should not be taken down. The board said it would soon announce another decision from its first batch, as well as the next round of cases.

The board also issued nine non-binding policy recommendations – for example, Facebook should inform users of the specific rules it has violated and improve its rules on issues such as risk groups and misinformation about health. please explain. Facebook does not need to act on them, but must respond publicly within 30 days.

Board member Catherine Chen said in an interview, “We can see that there are some policy issues with Facebook.

“We want their policy to be clear – especially the policies that include human rights and freedom of expression. They need to be clear, accessible, clear.

In a blog post responding to the verdicts, Facebook said it would publish misinformation update policies in Covid-19. However, he said he would not change his position on removing misinformation during a global pandemic.

Facebook has long been criticized for its high-profile moderation issues.

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