LG used a virtual influence to announce new products during its CES keynote

Rhea Cam is just like you and me – she likes to work on music, vacation abroad, and is amazed at not being able to go to any cool places right now. The biggest difference, however, is that Rhea is not a real person.

LG introduced Rhea Cam as a virtual influencer that appeared during the live broadcast CES keynote to unveil the company’s new line of LG CLOi UV-C robots. The robot, announced by LG in December, is designed for high-traffic areas, such as hotels, and revolves around UVC light flashes, which should reduce exposure to harmful germs. Cam’s job was to talk about how important the CLOi UV-C was to her life, how excited she was to use the opportunity to travel back to the real world – a world that I don’t have that technically.

She may not need oxygen to breathe, but Kim is definitely leaving her mark on the real world (including living in Seoul). There are around 6,000 followers on Instagram and a sound cloud page with exactly one song. For the price, that’s great.

Not really impressive new, but the presence of a really virtual creator in the highly virtual and socially distant CES really surprised the house with how strange the event was. It is not strange to see a strange true virtual influence until the epidemic is eradicated and safe travel is resumed.

However, paying to promote something that they don’t really care about seems to be perfectly valid for an affected ecosystem. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post created Rhea Cam, or if LG paid for its services at all. A press release only states that LG has introduced the Cam.

Will Cam be the future out of this LG live series? Will it face competition from other big-time virtual influences, including Michaela Sosa (also known as Lil Macella) or Shodo? Right now, she’s working on her ailing heartbeat in her cool home studio, but the virtual impressive scene is heating up.

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