Peacock hit 33 million sign-ups before before The Office even arrived

NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service hit 33 million signups in the fourth quarter, an increase of 11 million signups from the third quarter, parent company Comcast said Thursday. Although the company’s overall earnings exceeded Wall Street expectations, Comcast continued to see the impact of the Corona virus epidemic on its filmed entertainment and theme park divisions.

It’s too early to tell Office Peacock will increase the number of new buyers, as it only became exclusive until January 1st. Peacock launched in July and is already on par with new streamers such as the HBO Max, which had about 40 million subscribers in its most recent quarter and launched near Moore at the same time. Disney Plus, which is almost a year old, has 86 million users. Since Peacock has free status, however, there is no way to say how many of the 33 million signup users are paying or will be converted to paid users.

Comcast posted revenue of .7 27.71 billion for the quarter, down 2.4 percent year-on-year and net income of 3. 3.3 billion, up 7 percent from a year earlier. Its cable network revenue was $ 2.7 billion, down about 6.4%.

The company added 538,000 broadband subscribers in the fourth quarter, up from 442,000 a year earlier, and cable revenue rose 6% to .7 15.7 billion. It lost 248,000 video users in the quarter.

Revenue from its filmed entertainment division fell nearly 8% to 4 1.4 billion. Comcast said its Theme Parks division’s revenue fell 63 percent from a year earlier to 57 579 million. According to the company, its Orlando and Osaka, Japan theme parks, reached Bracken in the quarter.

(Disclosure: Comcast and NBC Universal, Vox Media’s parent company way to.)

Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO of Comcast, said in a statement: “With the vaccine being rolled out around the world, we are hopeful that the most affected areas of our business will soon grow. Will be. ”

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