The new color $ 60 video door bell is the smallest and cheapest yet

Amazon’s Ring has launched its latest video Doorbell, which has the (unabashedly named) color video Doorbell Wired, which,. At 59.99, the cheapest and smallest doorbell offered by the company.

As the name suggests, the new color video has a large range of double wired. Unlike its great siblings, it can be used as a colorful door, instead of the battery-powered option offered by the Color Dorel 3 or similar products. . 99.99 color video doubles that the company refreshed last year.



Assuming you’ve already wired your home, though, the rest of the video checks all the boxes for the double wired ring doorbell: 1080p Video, Night Vision, Custom Motion Detection Zone, And protect for other color products and services, such as optional color subscriptions. And, of course, the fact that it’s an Amazon product, the new video double wired is also fully compatible with Amazon’s Echo product, which can be used to see who’s at your door.

This is effectively a wired version of the rear entry level color, the above mentioned video door, with no integrated battery and sleek design (possibly because it consumes a rechargeable battery). But for less than $ 40, it seems like no one is looking to start a ring house security setup. Sounds like a good option – assuming you’ve figured out a wired setup or home improvement how to install it.

Color video double wired before the release date on February 24, from Color and Amazon. Now available for pre-order at $59.99.

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