The Spotify car object appears in FCC filing with a new design and larger screen

In May 2019, Spotify announced that it would publicly test the Smart Assistant, a voice-controlled smart assistant for cars, which the company called the “car thing.” But almost two years later, we haven’t heard much from the project – although that may change soon. A brand new design and big screen car thing has appeared in FCC Filing.

This new version of the car thing looks like it will work like the 2019 version – according to a statement found in the filing, it is “voice control devices for the phone / Spotify app that includes auxiliary displays and buttons.” ۔ ” “Bluetooth Bluetooth is enabled to communicate with the car head unit. Powered by a 12V outlet,” he continued.

However, the design is radically different. The new car looks almost like a mini mini tablet, with some sort of button and a big knock. At the top of this picture is a picture of him. This image compares to the version of Spotify that it announced in 2019:

Picture of Spotify looking like a car thing in 2019. Photo: Spotify

And if you want to get a better look at the new version, we’ve collected some images from the new FCC filings in this gallery, including some of the devices. Although frustrating, it’s hard to tell from the photos how the device actually works, or what the software looks like.

It is also not clear if this is a product that people will ever get their hands on. A product that kills the FCC does not necessarily mean that it will be released to the general public. And we haven’t heard much about the 2019 version of the car thing since its initial announcement (although it did travel through the FCC).

Spotify did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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