V-Moda classic headphone design finally remove active noise

V-Moda has announced a new version of its M-200 headphones at CES 2021 – the M-200 ANC, which brings both Bluetooth and active noise cancellation in the classic V-Moda design. These increases come with a price jump, though, the M-200 ANC starts at $ 499.99, a jump of $ 150 compared to the wired, non-noise cancellation version.

From the outside, the M-200 ANC bears a striking resemblance to its wired cousins, with the same hexagonal design elements that have been the hallmark of V-Moda headphones for years. Unlike the wired version, though, the drivers have been changed to 40 mm (from 50 mm), and to control playback, power, and pairing, as well as buttons to charge the USB-C port. There are some new buttons. The M-200 ANC headphones also weigh heavier at 320 grams (compared to 290 grams on the wired model).



Although it is a matter of noise cancellation, we will not know the extent to which the M-200 ANC is operating in key locations such as Sony and Bose until we test them for ourselves. But V-Moda is offering what is called “hybrid active noise cancellation.” With the option to adjust the noise cancellation level in a companion app. V-Moda is also introducing a “voice in” feature that allows users to place their left ear with their hands to automatically reduce the volume and prevent noise cancellation. Regarding battery life, V-Moda says users should adhere to a 20-hour charge period.

And of course, given V-Moda’s style, consumers have the option to order custom aluminum shields in a variety of colors with their own logo or artwork that touches the personal touch. L. It is engraved on it.

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