YouTube suspends Trump indefinitely, suspends Giuliani from monetizing clips

YouTube has suspended Donald Trump from the platform indefinitely, saying it would also prevent former president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani from monitoring his clips.

A week later, it was confirmed that the social media company had banned Trump’s channel.

The Google-owned firm has faced some criticism for its slow response to the violence in Washington, as well as the spread of conspiracy theories on the platform.

A spokesman for YouTube said: “In light of concerns about the current potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will remain suspended.” Politico.

Separately, the company said Giuliani’s account would be blocked from the partner program – after creators repeatedly violated its policy of publishing misleading information about the US election – and paid for its videos. Allows earning.

The 76-year-old posted videos on his channel titled “Biden Crime Families’ Payment Scheme” and “Election Theft of the Century”, which has nearly 600,000 users.

The ban on making money from its clips comes after the former mayor of New York faced a 1.3 billion claim from the Dominion voting system, following allegations on social media that the firm had rigged the election. Involved in fraud.

According to YouTube, Giuliani will be able to appeal the decision within 30 days – provided basic matters are settled.

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