OMG, I want to rent this house in Amagansett, New York

NEPEG BAY HOUSE, AMAGENCET, NEW YORK (WORB): As you throw in the perfect July celebration, there’s nothing more American on the beach this weekend. (Well, if you’re ignoring fireworks, apple pie, and the big family fight after the heat is over, there’s nothing wrong with that.) And when it comes to the beach, Hampton’s There is nothing like it if you want to walk again with America’s equal youth, entertaining and well-prepared elite.

There is no need to cut down trees when you are building your beach castle. Learn to live with nature and build around it. With a deck like this, your weekend guests will think you’re both eco-friendly and have a beautiful, green minimalist aesthetic. (Just don’t tell them the house isn’t really yours.)

The house has an infinite pool and a hot tub, although this backyard has been set up so that you can forget that you are living in modern caves and instead imagine that you are in the middle of Jane Hampton’s Tarzan. Swimming together the forest.

Pair a pair of Hampton bottles with a pair of drinks of choice, with crisp and refreshing roses, and you’ll forget that you have a job and responsibilities. We hear “What is email?” There is a great excuse when your boss calls you because he is unexpectedly unusual.

The living area below is like the ocean – as far as the eye can see, open plan, though without any complicated seagulls.

The house has four bedrooms that can accommodate eight hundred, so you can invite an intimate group of your favorite people to a tasty, warm summer. Extra tips if you add someone who likes to play the role of a chef, and another who makes the perfect sommeiler on a long summer weekend.

We have soccer bathtubs with a view. We believe this is not an official definition of “nature bathing” which usually involves walking and a walk and a green immersion, but we think we like this version better.

Picker-up for the latest romantic comedy! Or choose to watch Easton’s horserather than. We never say “no” to Kate Winslet’s play.

Consider this room your own social media stage, with a thousand-year-old pink accent and colorful youthful glow of light. Half the battle to create inspiring Instagram and tick content is looking for the perfect background. Embed Tweet

We know we always talk about ideas, but it’s hard to resist. Here, you have two vistas to choose from: the bay on one side, where you will enjoy posting at sunset, and the nature reserve and dunes on the other.

Hamptons is the perfect place to buy local g vegetables from the nearby farmers’ market, fresh ketchup from the sea, and some wine from North Fork before collecting a dinner worthy of the McLean Star. Or pick some local lobster rolls and send them as your own culinary craft.

You can stay all weekend in this beautiful house overlooking Napa Bay, but the beach trip is hard to resist, especially when it is less than half a mile away. Looks good, Lady Atlantic!

Now that you’re rich and famous like Hampton (we’re going to follow that act, we’re swearing), you deserve a holiday home that caters to all the needs of the said elite: private and private Being isolated, still living in an important place, you are close to all the hot places Can All of this (just don’t look at your bank balance).

The good news is that this house costs more than سے 5,000 a night. On the other hand, this fee requires hitting the beach or bay and finding out that you are a Water Olympian.

All good things must come to an end; unless you decide to extend your stay. And then you can call when you are sick and shake on the beach as long as you want or until the owners of this beautiful house kick you out. We hear that the Hamptons squatting charge is in full swing right now.

Book your stay: Kneipp Bay House, Amaganset, New York: r 5,375 / night via Vrbo

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