The United States needs negative virus tests from international air travelers

According to a new federal policy that went into effect on January 26, all international passengers traveling to the United States must first present proof of a negative coronavirus test before boarding their flights.

“Testing does not eliminate all risks,” said Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, explaining the new policy in a statement.

“But when combined with opportunities to stay at home and everyday precautions, such as wearing a niqab and social distance, it can make travel safer, healthier and more responsible by reducing proliferation on planes, airports and places.”

Dr. Redfield is expected to sign the order on Tuesday with details of the new rules.

The new policy requires all air travelers, regardless of vaccination status, to receive an existing infection test within three days of departure from the United States, and to provide written documentation of their test results or to recover from covid. Provide proof. 19

Evidence of immunizations will not be enough, as vaccines have only been shown to prevent serious illness, said Jason MacDonald, a spokesman for the CDC Vaccinated Persons. can.

The agency will not need further testing in three months after a positive test, unless the passenger has any symptoms. In this case, a passenger may travel with a document of positive test results and a letter from a healthcare provider or public health official stating that the passenger has now been cleared for travel.

Airlines must verify negative test results or recovery documents for all passengers before boarding. The agency said that if a passenger does not provide negative testing or proof of recovery, or chooses not to take the test, the airline must refuse to board the passenger.

Agency officials said in a statement that “pre-trip and post-trip testing is a key step in slowing the introduction and spread of Coyote-19.” With the United States already on the rise, air travelers The need for testing will help reduce the spread of the virus as we work to vaccinate the American people. “

The policy extends to a similar rule that came into force in late December, requiring travelers from the UK to provide evidence of a negative result on a virus test. The Trump administration introduced the ban following reports that the highly contagious Corona virus has become a major source of infection in most parts of the country.

Scientists say the condition has since been detected in several US states and is likely to spread far more widely. The United States genetically traces only a small proportion of its virus samples, however, there is little to accurately estimate the prevalence of the condition in this country.

The new travel policy came after the Japanese government announced on Tuesday that four passengers from Brazil had imported another new version of the virus into Japan. Two other so-called states of concern are said to be circulating in South Africa and Brazil.

Federal agencies, including the White House Corona Virus Task Force and the CDC, have been discussing the expanded requirements for weeks.

The CDC currently recommends that all air travelers, including those flying within the United States, receive one to three days before the trip, and only three to five days after the trip is completed. Get tested.

Many airlines offer optional testing for passengers, but mandate it only when the destination requires them. But last week, a group representing major U.S. companies backed a policy that would require all passengers to be screened.

In a statement, United Airlines welcomed the move, saying the probe was “the key to opening up international borders.”

The airline said in a statement: “The United States already has procedures in place for compliance with similar orders for international jurisdiction and we will plan to expand them in light of this new mandate. ۔ “

“Furthermore, United is actively working to introduce new technologies and processes to facilitate trial requirements for both our employees and our customers.”

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