WhatsApp bans groups based on its Automated Technology violating the Tech giants’ rules & regulations

In today’s digital world social sites are playing key role to facilitate masses In easy communication. Whatsapp is a prominent name among these apps. It has claimed attention of many millions of users over the last few years. It has many distinct features which are not available in other apps.

One to one encryption is one of these features which actually mean that no employ or no worker in whatsapp officer can have any kind of access to messages of users. This kind of feature provides a sense of security to the users which are the most important need of the time. Whatsapp has also developed a special technology which can detect any illegal activity on this platform.

If any of illegal or below the level activity is being done by any participant in any group the group will be closed permanently. Furthermore if a group is once banned from the head office this group cannot be used again nor any participant can see or text any other participant.

If a group is banned permanently or for some time due to an error of system then whatsapp provides an opportunity to admin of the group to send a request to the head office to unban the group. In this case the head office have the authority to look at the matter thoroughly and if the team feel that the matter is of no serious concern the banned group can be restored but if any breakage of law by whtasapp is detected the group can be banned permanently.

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