Bill Maher: Now that Trump is gone, “we can’t blame him for everything.”

During Friday night’s show, Bill Maher stressed that the United States now faces a “problem” with President Trump stepping down.

The “real-time” host observed that Trump could no longer be “blamed” for everything.

During the show’s panel discussion section, Maher pointed to recent violence in Portland, Ori and Seattle, including Antifa, stressing that it is the political left that has been in place since President Biden’s inauguration instead of to the right. ” She is breaking windows. ”

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After one of Maher’s guests, Vanity Fair aide Peter Hamby accused “Trumpism” of “influencing every state capital,” while his other guest, Fifth Column podcast co-host Kamil Foster, backed down.

“We were promised an armed uprising in every state capital, but it didn’t happen,” Foster said. “That’s why I’m saying I’m worried that maybe we’re misinterpreting it. If we’re thinking, ‘This is Trump, Trump is the problem,’ and as you said before. “We saw hundreds of people smashing windows in the streets after Biden’s victory. There’s something wrong and I’m afraid we’re not talking about it properly,” he said.

“Getting there is a big question,” Maher replied. “Now that we’ve got rid of Trump, we as Americans have faced this problem. … Now we can’t blame him for everything. Now we have to look in the mirror and we have to move on.” We’ll find out in time. A hundred days, like, if this whole Trump was a bad guy. ”

“Now we have to look in the mirror and we will find out in the next 100 days, as if it was all Trump who was the bad guy.”

– Bill Maher


“I told the virus from the beginning, it definitely played a big role, it got this little team out of China and it got off to a terrible start, which made the whole world go crazy. Could have stopped — but the thing is, I think, about the American medical establishment that never told the American people that you can handle it better is to put yourself in a better shape. Get up, improve your immune system, stop eating and drinking sugar and alcohol. They never had the guts to do it. They don’t even say the word ‘obesity’ on television. That would be a shame. The code is now a ‘precondition.’ ”


“Even if we can’t blame Trump,” Maher then wondered, like the Americans, “what can we do and what can we do”, referring to the stoning corona virus vaccine rollout. Are. ” He later admitted that the only good thing about the country is the two-way street, which involves “printing money” and “bombing” other countries.

“I think you’re fine, Bill,” Foster agreed. “The whole government, the bureaucracy, the Democrats and the Republicans have failed miserably to reach this opportunity and to meet this challenge of COVID. They have failed miserably and the question of what we do here is the most important question.” That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

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