England can manage with tough SL circumstance

Hambantota: England are eager to expand their solid form in Test cricket but face a tough challenge in the two-match series in Sri Lanka, head coach Chris Silverwood said on Sunday.

England won a three-Test series against the West Indies in July last year after returning from the Corona virus (Covid 19) and then another series win over Pakistan.

The Silverwood team will play two Tests in Gail starting on Thursday, followed by four Tests in India. England have won two of their last five Test series in Sri Lanka, most recently 3-0 in 2018.

“It’s very interesting and not only me but the players are realizing it. But we have to win two Tests here and go to India and keep up the progress,” Silverwood told reporters. “The important thing for me is the continuation of the progress we have made … our Test team is getting better. If we continue to do this, we must succeed.

It’s hard to win here [in Sri Lanka]. We have respect for Sri Lanka because they are in very good condition. Am I sure we can win? I’m always sure our team can beat anyone but for me it’s about action.

The team’s constant growth, their skills, how they play together, form aspects and keep going where we go.

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