Non-league Chorley shocked the Covid Hit derby in the FA Cup

LONDON: Non-League Chorley beat Derby County by a stunning 2-0 victory over Corona virus on Saturday, while Everton saved Rothrum from a panic when the epidemic broke out in the third round. Fell victim to

The derby had to be played with only U-23 and U-18 players after their first team squad and interim manager Wayne Rooney were sacked after a virus spread to the championship club.

Chorley, from sixth-ranked National League North, took advantage of Derby’s weak line-up to make his first start and reach the fourth round for the first time, with an average of 19.

It was Chorley’s third league skull in the FA Cup this season after previous victories against Wagon and Peterborough.

In frozen conditions, the ice cleared the pitch before the kickoff, Chunley advanced 10 minutes later when the derby failed to clear a long throw and Connor Hall shook his head off the line.

Chorley’s modest Victory Park ground is so homely that one fan could see through the garden fence behind him, while two others used a cherry picker crane to catch a glimpse of the action.

These amazing fans saw when Mike Calelli of Chorala sealed the memorable success of his side when he kicked home from a close distance in the 84th minute.

The Cup upset was a welcome boost for Charlie’s manager, Jamie Vermeglio, whose current national lockdown in the UK has thrown his job as a primary school head teacher into chaos.

“It simply came to our notice then. “Reputation to our boys, they went on a journey and we said before the game, the journey can continue today and it has happened,” said Vermeglio.

Concerns are growing over whether the English season should be stopped like the catastrophic devastation of the Covid-19.

Liverpool beat the virus-stricken Austin Villa 4-1 in the third round of the FA Cup on Friday, with opponents losing the entire team and boss Dan Smith due to a covid outbreak.

Southampton’s third round tie against Chevrolet on Sunday has been postponed after several positive tests in the League One team.

The week between December 28 and January 3 saw 40 high-level positive scrutiny between top flight players and crew, and four Premier League games have already been postponed for that period.

The English Football League, which oversees the three divisions under the Premier League, reported 112 positive tests on Friday.

Newcastle boss Steve Bruce and Leeds manager Marcelo Beelza claim there is a moral reason to stop all matches in the UK this week with the death toll from the virus, with 1,325 deaths reported on Friday alone. ۔

The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the UK at 83 GMT GMT on Saturday was 833. Which is the deadliest in Europe.

For now, the FA Cup action continues and Everton needed extra time to move away from second-placed Roderham 2-1 at Godison Park.

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti made eight changes and Turkish striker Kenk Toussaint made his first start in more than a year, scoring his first Tafis goal since November 2019 in the ninth minute.

Matthew Olusende scored for Rotherham in the 56th minute after a break from Tom Davis’ weak header.

Everton finally took the lead in the third minute of extra time when Abdouli Dukwer converted a James Rodriguez pass.

National League team Borham Wood, playing in the third round for the first time, was beaten 2-0 by 2004 FA Cup finalist Millwall.

Online Lone West Brom striker Kenneth Zahoor scored in the 31st minute and Sean Hutchinson led the championship for the second time in the 75th minute.

In Saturday’s second third round match, Manchester United’s host champions Watford and Holders Arsenal will face Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium.

The highlight of Sunday’s fixtures is the eighth-ranked Marine at home to Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham home, while Manchester City, Birmingham City and Chelsea have fun at Morkembe.

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