On the first playoff play in 18 years, Brown fails in the end zone for TD

The Cleveland Browns showed their first play-off since the 2002 season, and already in the game on Sunday night, their defense recovered the ball for a touchdown in the end zone after a good touch from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Morski Pansi bounced the ball over Ben Rothlesburger’s head and bounced all the way into the end zone. Browns defensive back Carl Joseph was credited with recovering from a touchdown. Miles Garrett was also involved in the play.

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On the next drive, Rothlesburger took a break.

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The Browns advanced to the playoffs after one of their best seasons in recent history.

Cleveland has not been in the playoffs since the 2002 season. Brown lost to the Steelers by 3 points in the playoffs this season.

The Browns’ last score in the post-Brown was a 22-yard touchdown pass from Kelly Holcomb to Andre Davis. Touchdown left the Browns in this wild card matchup at 10:17 p.m. But it was Tommy Maddox and the Steelers who would eventually come back and win, 36-33.

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This time, Cleveland had to fight and make its way to the playoffs. The team was also hit by Corona virus cases, which left head coach Kevin Stephenski and guard Joel Batonio aside.

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