The Browns shocked the Steelers, winning their first playoff game since 1995

The Cleveland Browns won their first playoff game since 1995.

The Browns beat their AFC Northern rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers in an incredible 48-37 game, and will enter their first divisional round game since January 7, 1995, when Bell Belch was playing.

Cleveland started their score with the bat.

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The Steelers got the ball to start the game, but Ben Rothlesberger had a bad snap on the head and in the end zone. Carl Joseph restored slipperiness in the closing zone and the Browns were in a hurry.

On Cleveland’s first offensive campaign, Baker Mayfield found Jarvis Landry for a 40-yard touchdown pass. Karim Hunt will score two more touchdowns in the first quarter and in the blink of an eye Brown had taken a 28-0 lead in the first quarter.

According to ESPN statistics and informationThe Browns were the first team since the Auckland Raiders in 1966 to score 28 points in the first quarter.

Cleveland would have lost 35-10 in the first half. The Steelers, chasing James Connor, will score a 1-yard touchdown with 1:44 left and Chris Boswell will end the half with a 49-yard field goal.

In 18 years on the first playoff for TD in the final zone of the Braden Rehabilitation

In the fourth quarter, Browns could not score again until Nick Choub caught and ran 40 yards from Mayfield. Pittsburgh came close to scoring two touchdowns in the third and then again at 11:13 in the fourth quarter.

Cleveland will be taking a long drive and milking the clock and finishing with Cody Park’s 24 yard field goal.

On the next drive, Mr. Taketaki stopped Rothlsberg. This was the fifth business of the Steelers. Parky and Browns will turn it into three more points

Cleveland has 48 points in the playoffs since the 1954 NFL Championship game against the Defrait Lions. The Browns defeated the Lions 56-10.

Mayfield was 32 for 21 with 263 yards and 3 touchdown passes. Chubb made the Browns’ rushers with the help of 76 rushing yards. Hunt had two rushing touchdowns and 48 rushing yards. Landry led the Cleveland receivers with five catches for 92 yards.

Despite the loss and four obstacles, Rothlesburger performed incredibly well. He had 501 yards and four touchdown passes. He was 68 for 47 overall.

JoJo Smith – Schuster and Deventy Johnson received more than 100 yards. Smith – Schuster had 13 catches at 157 yards. Johnson had 11 catches at 117 yards. There were two touchdown catches in the game of Chase Claypool.

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Cleveland will now face the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round on Sunday.

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